£370,000 Boost & Dry Dock for TS Queen Mary

We are delighted to announce that TS Queen Mary has received a £370,000 boost. Funding has seen several projects advanced at Glasgow Science Centre, including:

  • A full strip down and re-build of the ship’s onboard generator
  • Completion of battening the boat deck (by the Captain’s Cabin)
  • Removal of the last of the 1990’s windows (prom deck aft) to restore her 1933 appearance
  • Instatement of a new internal bulkhead
  • NDT testing of the hull (by Selman Marine).

TS Queen Mary will move later today (6th June) to Dales Marine Services’ Garvel Clyde facility, where she will dock down for two weeks. During her dry-docking, the following work will be carried out:

  • Full vessel survey and completion of laser scanning
  • Completion of NDT testing of below water areas
  • Removal of rudder and rudder stock for inspection
  • Removal of propellor shafts for inspection
  • Inspection of shaft cavities
  • Blasting of superstructure (hull was blasted in 2016)
  • Reinstatement of scuppers at the vessel’s sheer
  • Reinstatement of overshoot pipes
  • Repairs to wooden belting (starboard side fwd)
  • Reglazing of various small windows (main deck)
  • Reinstatement of bulwark top (foredeck)
  • Instatement of 2D steel lettering at bow
  • Removal of redundant sewage equipment (lower deck)
  • Internal blasting and coating of transverse beams and side shell (prom deck and main deck)
  • Cleaning of deck heads to remove flaking coatings
  • Completion of 3D modelling of the ship
  • Full re-paint of hull, superstructure, large vents, funnels and wooden window frames.

Crawford Paterson (Vice Chairman) says: “As stewards of this iconic ship we need to make the best informed decisions we can for her future conservation. Brookes Bell have created a scope that will help ensure we do just that.

Iain Sim (Chairman) says: “I am absolutely delighted that we have been able to engage positively with private benefactors and corporate partners to unlock this investment.

Once works have been completed TS Queen Mary will have turned a corner. Her voyage on June 6th will be particularly special, as it will be the first time that she has gone “doon the watter” since 1977.