£500,000 Secured to Deliver Phase 1 for TS Queen Mary

We are today delighted to announce that we have secured the £500,000 needed to move forward into Phase 1 of our project to restore TS Queen Mary.

Following the successful delivery of Phase 0 (full strip-out of TS Queen Mary and the completion of a major naval architecture study) Phase 1 captures all detailed design:

– Structural design and drawings (for permanent shell repairs, hull repairs and the instatement of a steel deck)
– Systems design (including plans for electrical cabling, pipework, heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, water, sewage and fire suppression)
– Interior design of all public and lower deck spaces

Work on Phase 1 will start w/c 27th January and is scheduled to take between 4 and 5 months to complete.

Crawford Paterson (Vice Chairman) says:

“Detailed design is essential for the delivery of all subsequent phases of the project. Among other things it will ensure that the final restoration work meets all appropriate regulatory standards. Supporters will be particularly interested in the visuals created by our interior designers, who aim to re-create as accurately as possible the ship’s original art deco fixtures and fittings”.

Iain Sim (Chairman) says:

“I am delighted that we have structured this £500,000 package, which enables us to proceed to the next stage. I am particularly pleased that all of the investment in TS Queen Mary – which now stands at just over £3M – has been leveraged entirely from private sources. Our ship, which has carried King George VI, Queen Elizabeth, the Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret (and of course a President’s wife) continues to capture the imagination of funding partners across Britain”.

Regular updates will be provided on this page (and our website) as work on Phase 1 progresses.