Dry Dock Diary – Part 11 – 28th June

Work on TS Queen Mary, alongside Garvel Clyde’s lay-by berth, is almost complete.

(1) Small areas of unfinished paint work were completed, including: the trunking between the funnels, the bulwark in way of the bridge and touch ups to the Captain’s cabin.

(2) The ship’s timber windows were returned to their original dark brown colour, as can be seen quite clearly in one of today’s pictures (taken by David Millar).

(3) A major clear up was underway, with yard workers sweeping up piles of debris and blasted paint chipping.

(4) One window in the Firth Lounge was re-glazed, along with one of the small mid-ships windows. Now that we know that the smaller windows are able to be re-glazed, the rest in due course will be taken out, cleaned up and refurbished.

(5) Work was underway to re-activate the ship’s promenade deck mid-ships bollards (located in the old observation gallery): the London instated covering plates were removed, the bollards unbolted and inspected (as you can see in some of today’s pictures), the surrounding steel work renewed, the bollards needle-gunned and coated, and finally reinstated in their proper place. These will be used for the ship’s spring lines, at Glasgow Science Centre.

(6) Finally, yesterday evening TS Queen Mary was being washed down in order to remove the debris and swarf that was generated during steel work repairs from her belting and the black paintwork towards her bow.

There remain a limited number of areas for blasting and painting work, which will be undertaken alongside at Glasgow Science Centre.

TS Queen Mary will soon depart James Watt Dock, bound for Glasgow.