Dry Dock Diary – Part 5 – 13th June

Work at Garvel Clyde is progressing well.

Yesterday started with a meeting between the surveyor and our naval architect, the outcome of which was very positive.

As that meeting was underway, work in the dock itself was continuing apace:

– UHP blasting of the superstructure was completed
– Stern tubes were inspected and can now be capped off
– Rudder was inspected and will be landed on the aft deck
– Scupper pipes were reinstated at the vessel’s sheer
– Various windows were sent to be re-glazed
– UHP blasting started on the main and prom deck interior spaces (transverse stiffeners and side shell)
– Deck fittings were inspected and audited by Stone Marine
– Port bulwark was being prepared to receive a new bulwark top (to replace the rotten one that was removed last year)
– Permanent repairs in the observation gallery (bulwark and deck supports, prom deck aft) were identified, a repair method agreed with our surveyor and works instructed to proceed
– 2D lettering was being prepared for the ship’s bow
– Temporary internal bulkhead was fully coated