Dry Dock Diary – Part 6 – 17th June

Work at Garvel Clyde continues to progress well.

This report captures all work from Thursday 13th to Sunday 16th.

– UHP blasting progressed inside the vessel, with work concentrated in the old observation gallery space (prom deck aft), main deck (Firth Lounge) and lower deck (shaft space)
– Some deck structures (including the aft passenger hatch) also were blasted
– Damaged belting on the ship’s starboard side was cut out and replaced
– TS Queen Mary’s new 2D steel lettering was delivered from Aberdeen and was tacked to the bow, in order for positioning adjustments to be made
– The ship’s stern tubes were capped off
– Work was progressed on the permanent repair to the foredeck bulwark
– By 13th June the ship’s superstructure had been fully primed
– NDT testing of the hull was completed on 13th June, with follow-up spots programmed for this week
– Laser scanning of the hull and superstructure was completed by 16th June
– Permanent repairs to the observation gallery (bulwark and deck supports, observation gallery aft) were commenced. A plate had been instated between the old London windows and the 2018 prom deck windows. The steel below had rotted and so – as you can see in one photo – the entire area was cut out for full re-instatement.
– There was just enough time for the ubiquitous selfies at the bow, much to Queen Mary’s chagrin …