Dry Dock Diary – Part 9 – 23rd June

Work continues apace alongside the Garvel Clyde lay-by berth.

– Internal blasting completed on Friday 21st June (so far as the blasters were able to access) and you can see in one photo the impact this has had on the ship’s lower deck plates. Any small areas not blasted are being picked up with manual discing this weekend.
– The ship is being actively ventilated and dried this the weekend in order to allow internal spraying to start.
– Coating of the external structures has progressed; four photos show painting of the captain’s cabin structure underway.
– Permanent repairs to the foredeck bulwark have been completed and the area UHP blasted; you can see in three photos the newly instated bulwark top and the visual impact of the fully re-coated steelwork.
– Work has completed on fabricating the final two promenade deck windows that were not able to be instated last year (due to a lack of access in areas which then were full of ventilation trunking). These replace unsightly ventilation air intakes, and you can see in one photo the poor condition of the frames that have been removed.
– The ship’s funnels have been re-painted; in one photo you can see the painting of the funnel tops underway.
-The ship’s internal deck-heads have been blasted using rotary nozzles to remove the worst of the flaking coatings; you can see in one photo the substantial impact this has had. The remnants of the old coatings will be stripped by volunteers when the ship is back at Glasgow Science Centre.