Firth Lounge Interior Design – Latest Progress

We are delighted today to be able to share with you the latest progress on the interior design of the new Firth Lounge, which is being evolved by Jason West and the team at WDC Creative.

Perhaps unusually we are not going to explain the work that has gone into the design, so far. This is because Jason West himself has very kindly participated in a special video, in which he outlines how he and his team have approached the task.

We will be releasing that video at the weekend, after we have shared with you the latest progress with the design of the new Queen’s Restaurant.

The brief for the Firth Lounge was challenging, because the space has to be able to fulfil three purposes, namely:

– a casual lounge/dining space
– a wedding function space
– a conferencing space.

Jason’s design team certainly have risen to meet the challenge!

Click this link to check out the latest images on the TS Queen Mary Facebook page. You’ll see:

– an example of how WDC Creative create a space plan for a particular configuration (in this case a wedding breakfast)
– a selection of images showing how the Firth Lounge will look when set for a wedding, conference and – finally – casual dining.

The design envisages the new Firth Lounge having a timber floor and dark wood side panelling, with its furniture, light fittings, bar and signage all evoking TS Queen Mary’s art deco heritage.

We will share progress on the design of the Queen’s Restaurant before the end of the week.