Observation Lounge Interior Design – Latest Progress

We are delighted to be able to share with you the latest progress on TS Queen Mary’s interior design, which is being evolved by Manchester based WDC Creative.

Following the completion of the design work around the Queen’s Restaurant and Firth Lounge, attention turned to the Observation Lounge.

The Observation Lounge is the third main public lounge on board TS Queen Mary, situated at the forward end of the promenade deck.

The lounge is intended to be the space where visitors will be able to enjoy tea, coffee and light snacks during the day, or a pre-dinner cocktail in the evening.

The brief for WDC Creative was a little different to those for the Queen’s Restaurant and Firth Lounge.

This time the goal was not to re-create exactly the 1933 layout, because in that era the space simply contained couch style seating.

Instead, the brief was to draw inspiration from the original look and feel of the lounge, whilst creating a more functional space, with flexibility for day and evening use.

Once again WDC Creative have created a design which really embraces Queen Mary’s art deco heritage.

Whilst adding new features to make the lounge a delightful area in which to enjoy a refreshment, the team also carefully have selected elements from the 1933 layout that will be re-created.

For example, the stairway that ran from the boat deck to the lounge will be reinstated. WDC Creative have even taken the trouble to pick out art deco motifs from photographs of the stairway and re-created them in the design.

Click here to visit our Facebook photo gallery to see images of the Observation Lounge, including a:

  • full view of the lounge (stairway looking forward)
  • night time view of the lounge (entrance looking forward)
  • full view of the lounge (forward end looking aft)
  • close up view of the new bar
  • close up view of the re-created stairway
  • side view of the lounge (starboard to port).

In addition, Jason West has kindly supplied the design benchmarks from which he and his team worked to create the design.

Over the coming weeks we will be able to update you on the next steps that we need to take, once all of the detailed design work has been completed.