Update on TS Queen Mary Detailed Design

We are pleased to be able to report that the teams delivering the detailed design of TS Queen Mary have been able to continue their work remotely and are making steady progress.

One piece of work that has had to be deferred until the current restrictions are eased is the industrial removal both of oily water from the ship’s aft peak tank and standing water in the bilges (which sits below the level the ship’s pumps can remove). This is to enable the laser scanning of the area under the orlop deck to be completed.

The main developments in the detailed design phase are as follows:

– Brookes Bell are re-modelling the ship above the orlop deck within AVEVA Marine’s modelling platform. The AVEVA platform uses the laser scan data (obtained in dry dock, in 2019) and it enables production drawings for our final steelwork repairs to be produced from within the 3D model.

– ESBEL have completed basic schematics for the key systems that will be instated in the ship, and presented them during a lengthy Zoom video conference on 30th March.

– Co-at Marine now have a first generation concept design from WDC Creative (see below) and are now underway with the design of the ship’s new HVAC (heating and ventilation) system.

– WDC Creative have completed the first of three tranches of concept design. Following our recent workshop in Manchester, their team participated in a two hour Zoom video conference on 31st March (together with Brookes Bell and Co-at Marine) to discuss potential areas of design conflict and to agree the next steps.

WDC Creative’s work forms the basis of today’s gallery.

After importing the original 3D model created by Brookes Bell, the team set about creating a first generation concept design for TS Queen Mary. That work involved:

– Reviewing hundreds of photos supplied by the Charity from its archive
– Experimenting with different layouts and seating configurations to achieve the best use of space on board
– Building a so-called “white model” of the main spaces, which over the coming weeks will be layered with detail until finalised designs are created (in glorious technicolour!)
– Creating mood boards of dozens of images of different types/textures of wood, carpet, furnishings and fittings, in order to get a feel for what might work best in each space.

There is still a lot of work to be done and we will continue to keep you updated regularly.